Sunday, December 7, 2008

Country Challenge: Tuscany

When I chose Italy for the country challenge last April, I found that the food was so completely different in all of the regions, I decided to break it up into a few weeks. I researched Northern Italy first. When I was at the library last weekend, I found a book called Tuscany: The Beautiful Cookbook. It was a large book, divided by courses, with beautiful photographs of the food and the people and land. I fell in love with the cookbook! As I was reading through the book, I found so many simple, but slowly cooked dishes. It is very evident that people of Tuscany value the integrity of the dishes, savor the ingredients, and invest their time in the dishes.

Tuscany's economy is supported by it's wines, cattle, and olive oil production. Tourism is also very popular in Tuscany, as the capital is Florence, and many artistic cities are in the region, including Lucca and Pisa.

This morning, while in a rush to get my books back to the library in time, I realized that I didn't type up the recipes I made. I'm going to look up a few of them, but since the recipes don't have many ingredients, they should all be correct as I have a pretty good memory of the dishes I make.


Angie said...

My grandma was from Florence, and I've got a kickass (IMO) Chicken Vesuvio recipe, if you're ever interested. It's very simple, but I love it.

Justine said...

I would love your recipe for the apple stuffing! I woudl love to make it next year!

Giu said...

I'm from Italy and i love your blog!
Sorry for my bad english, but I think you should try also Piedmont dishes!
I'm from Turin and we have so many supergood recipes! have a look on my blog, in next days I'll post some traditional recipes. If your are interested i can traduce for you some of them!