Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Cookie Packages!

Over the weekend I did my largest mailing of Christmas Cookie packages! Thank you so much to everyone who ordered. I dropped off 50 of them at the post office this morning, let's just say I'm a pro at the automated postal machine!
I had such a fun time baking - but it was a LOT of work! I made 1500 cookies on Saturday alone! (See bottom photo)
Anyway, here are some photos of the different packages so you can see what you'll be receiving, or what you sent to someone.
As always, the recipes will be posted in a few days. Between the Christmas party and these cookies, I'll have TONS to blog!

Treat Sampler

Six Squares
And about 1,500 cookies, ready to be packaged! Let's just say I'm keeping Hobby Lobby in business! (That's where I got the boxes and bags)


elly said...

You are seriously my hero. That's amazing! Congrats on all your orders!

Anonymous said...

can't wait for you to post your recipes. everything looks so yummy!