Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Country Challenge: Myanmar (Burma)


Last week I decided to take a trip over to Southeast Asia, as I've been cooking mostly European lately. I found a cookbook in the library that was written by a man who grew up in Burma, now Myanmar. I scanned the recipes, and found a few that sounded great, so I went with it.

I do not know much about the history of the country, only that it was formerly Burma, now Myanmar. It is a poor country, where many of the people live off the land. A common dinner might be a fish curry from something caught in the stream, watercress and mango picked from the local rain forests, and rice, a staple. Burmese people, for the most part, are Buddhist.

Most of the influences on Burmese food come from Chinese, Indian, and Thai. Life is based around family, and meals are all eaten together. Many families do their shopping the markets daily. Hospitality and food are hand in hand in their culture. Rather than ask someone 'how are you,' they might ask 'have you eaten?'

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Joelen said...

I have some friends from Myanmar and family values & food cultures are very similar to most southeast asian cultures... especially greeting others with a "have you eaten?" instead of hello. Thanks for posting this - I find it refreshing to read about uncommon cuisines & cultures, especially those from southeast asia.