Sunday, February 14, 2010

Symon Sundays: Salmon Poached in Court Boullion, Braised Endives with Citrus

This week's Chef Symon Sundays was hosted by Joanne of Eats Well With Others.
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I chose to serve this salmon for a Valentine's Dinner party. My guests really enjoyed it! They said it had great flavor, but could have used a bit more salt. I didn't serve it with the endive, but with a different sauce. It flaked perfectly and was really easy to cook. When I poached it, I didn't strain the poaching liquid, I just let it simmer for an hour, then added the salmon right in. Not only was it easier, but I had hoped it would add more flavor to the salmon.
Chef Symon offers a few varaitions of the poaching liquid, but I went with his basic recipe.

My Salmon
The poaching liquid

I made the endive separately for lunch today. I thought the sauce had amazing flavor, and was delicious. I am a big fan of cooked greens and warmed salad type dishes, but the endive were a bit bitter. I added a some lemon zest along with the orange zest. I wish I had caramelized my endive more, perhaps that would have helped the biterness.

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Natashya KitchenPuppies said...

Great round-up! I'll come back tomorrow to visit everyone one by one. Thanks again!

Joanne said...

Beautiful! I'm glad we felt the same way about the endives. I have a feeling the only solution would be to boil them. But I don't have the stamina to repeat it haha.

Tasha said...

I think not straining the poaching liquid was a great idea. Your platter of salmon looks great too!