Saturday, December 26, 2009

Housewarming Wrap-Up

I've been blogging recipes from the Housewarming Party for the past few weeks, so here are the rest of the things I made, click on the recipe name for the link. We had a fantastic time, the food was great, and we made out first fire! Charlotte and Belle are big fans of the fireplace.

I thought it would be fun to bring a bit of Cincinnati to the party in Jacksonville by making this dip. Skyline chili is available many places across the country in the freezer section or in cans. I prefer the frozen trays over the cans, but either works just fine!

Thanks to Pepperidge Farm's partnership with Foodbuzz, I was able to try this recipe out. I love brie en croute! I topped my brie with red currant jam, then wrapped it in puff pastry and baked it. I served it with pear and apple slices.

This is one of my favorite appetizers because I love meatballs! I make them extra flavorful by mixing sausage and ground beef to make the meatballs. Also, a little bit of mozzarella inside makes them pop!

This dip is a well-loved classic, so I made a big tray. I like to use reduced-fat cream cheese though, rather than fat free because I think it tastes closest to regular, but still saves some calories and fat.