Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Cookie Round Up

I didn't really remember to take nice shots of the Christmas Cookies I made this weekend because of my hectic schedule. In addition to baking all night Friday, I ran a 10k Saturday morning, then hosted my housewarming party Saturday afternoon/evening.
It was a marathon of baking, so I left the camera with JJ to take photos. He took a few nice shots, and a few, well, you can decide if you like them!

Variation of this Holiday Biscotti (I used almonds and added white chocolate chips in the batter)
Banana Spritz Cookies on Chocolate Disks (will type up the spritz recipe soon!) inspired by a Rachael Ray Everyday cookie recipe I saw

Classic Gingerbread Men with M&M Buttons

Pre-Baked Brown Sugar Slice and Bake Cookies

M&M Cookies (and JJ's shoe...)

Me putting more Double Chocolate M&M Cookies in the oven...I think it was close to midnight here
And because it seems like you all want to see more of the puppies (or maybe that's just in my head...), here's one of Belle just begging to get back in the kitchen. When I found her climbing into my bag of flour, she landed herself on the other side of the baby gate!
Unpictured are the Peanut Butter Blossoms, Coconut Macaroons, Sugar Cookies, and Shortbread. I also didn't make the Maamoul yet, but I have the ingredients, and hope to make them soon!