Sunday, November 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Allison! (German Chocolate Cake)

Last Saturday was my friend Allison's birthday. She was out of town, so I asked her to come over for dinner this weekend, secretly scheming to have a little birthday party! The best part of having only 1 friend is you get to be a really good one! I texted her husband and asked him what her favorite kind of cake is, and he said German Chocolate - perfect! It's my favorite too! So I found this step by step recipe for the cake and icing. For dinner, he said anything with artichokes, so I made Greek Pizza (see next post).

The cake was delicious and we had a fun night! Happy Birthday, Allison :)

(Pumpkin's always got to be in the


That Girl said...

It's such a birthday month! I just made Thatboy a chocolate cake for his birthday this weekend.

Kelly said...

That cake looks fantastic. I am so behind on reading blog posts and am impressed with your bake sale efforts. I'm actually a good seamstress so if we were closer I could make the aprons for your table. :-)

Melissa said...

Yum...that sounds so good! I would so volunteer to be friend #2 if we live closer so that I could have awesome birthday cakes too! :-)