Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Cookies 2011

As always, I spent a December weekend baking dozens of cookies, and mailing them out to friends and family. I also have a few friends who purchase them as gifts. One of my loyal customers put in a special request this year, vegan cookies! I've never baked vegan cookies before, so I spent some time researching recipes and learning how to cut the butter and eggs. The end result was 7 batches of cookies that were fantastic! 
After each batch was baked, my husband and I sat down and did a taste test, as photographed above! The vegan cookies seemed a bit more dense than their dairy-full counterparts, but I don't think you'd realize their vegan unless you were told so. 

I'll be posting a few new recipes in the next few days, and linking to my trusty old recipes below. 

Merry baking to all :) 

Vegan Cookies, beginning with bottom left and going clockwise:
-City Girl Snickerdoodles
-Chocolate Chunkers
-Sell Your Soul Pumpkin Cookies
-Roll and Cut Sugar Cookies
-Gingerbread Men
-Cherry Coconut Oatmeal (adapted from Oatmeal Raisin Cookies)
-Blackstrap Gingersnaps
all recipes are from "Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar"

Christmas Cookies, 2011 (non linked will be blogged soon!):
-Butterscotch Walnut Chunk
-Cherry Oatmeal White Chocolate Chip
-Hazelnut Nutella Thumbprints
-Sell Your Soul Pumpkin Cookies


Dawn said...

Wow girl, you went all out with your cookies! They all look amazing.

Joanne said...

Oh my that is a TON of cookies! And I thought I was cookie'd out!

Kelly said...

Ahhh your boxes are back! I'm always impressed with how much you bake this time of year, especially now when juggling a baby. I've done a bit of dabbling in vegan cookie baking (thankfully I find it's a lot easier than making vegan cakes), but mostly I love pure butter!