Sunday, May 2, 2010

White Chocolate Banana Cream Pie with Walkers Shortbread Crust

About a month ago, a representative from Walker's Shortbread contacted me to see if I would do a product review. Back when I was working at Starbucks, we sold small packages of shortbread cookies that I loved, and I thought they were Walker's, so I asked her and she said they were! I looked at their website, and saw that the shortbread has no added preservatives or artificial ingredients, it's simply flour, sugar and butter, so I told her I'd be happy to review them! 
She told me to go to the website and let her know what I'd like to try, since I've had the Highlanders, I decided to try the Shortbread Fingers and Chocolate Chip Shortbread. I'm usually a fan of chewy, soft cookies, but I also love biscotti and crisp, buttery cookies. These are probably the best boxed cookies I've ever had. The butter flavor was so strong, they were crisp, but melted in your mouth. I definitely would buy these cookies again! As far as price goes, I've seen them as cheap as $2.49 at Target and up to $4.99 at Publix, so you'll have to shop around. I found 2-packs at World Market for $.99 as well. I am going to be on the lookout for the Almond Shortbread, as that just sounds phenomenal. Thanks to Walker's Shortbread for sending me the cookies, they were delicious tasting, made from real food ingredients, and perfect with a cup of coffee for a real treat! 

Ironically, two days before I was contacted about trying the Shortbread, I tore a recipe out of Rachael Ray Everyday magazine for a White Chocolate Banana Cream Pie that called for Walker's Shortbread for the crust! I used a sleeve of the fingers to make this crust, and the crust was probably the best part of the pie! 
I wasn't overly impressed with this pie, I don't think there was enough white chocolate used, and the pie filling didn't have very much flavor. I didn't like the use of gelatin to thicken and firm the pie, or the double layer. I'll probably attempt this again, but use the bottom layer as the only layer, and double that amount to fill the pie (this is what is photographed above).
 It seemed like a waste of perfectly good shortbread! But I do still like the idea of a White Chocolate Banana Cream Pie, so I'm going to have to try it again in the future.

As a side note, this is probably the best white chocolate I've ever tasted (even better than the stuff my sister brought home from Switzerland!) I love the flecks of vanilla bean in the bar. 

If you'd like to try the recipe as is, it can be found here:


Debbi Smith said...

This looks delicious! The crust especially! Thanks for the ideas for changes!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I am drooling. I can't wait to make it!

Joanne said...

I'm sorry this wasn't as white chocolatey as you'd hoped. I will definitely try it with your changes, though, because the concept of a white chocolate banana cream pie is blowing my mind.

Term Papers said...

waoo... lovely.. fantastic .

Kristine said...

I got to try it - I agree the crust was the best part. The rest of the pie was a little bland, and I think the gelatin was a little too much.

Nick said...

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