Tuesday, October 21, 2008

It's A Small World!

In August, my dad and about 10 members of his church took a mission trip to Guatemala. Having blogged about countries for many months, he was very excited to bring me home some authentic Guatemalan coffee and an apron, as well as tell me about the cuisine and culture.
Since then, he’s constantly asking me when I’m going to cook Guatemalan food and post a photo of me in my apron.

One week after he returned, JJ and I hosted a BBQ for the new Athletic Trainers at IU. One of them, Will, is Guatemalan! I couldn’t believe it when his wife told me because just a week earlier my dad was there. Allison (Will’s wife) told me that his birthday was coming up, and he wanted his favorite traditional Guatemalan dish, black beans with eggs and tortillas, something his mom always made. I tucked that little piece of information away, knowing I'd beg her for the recipe when I started blogging again!

Now that I’ve restarted my Country Challenge cooking, I just had to talk about Guatemala. Not only to please my dad, but because I have the most authentic dish out of every challenge I’ve done so far!

So thanks to Dad for my authentic Guatemalan Apron:

Here is the group on the mission trip at the civil war memorial (my dad is 3rd from the left standing). My dad said a new flower is placed in the hands every single day to represent how delicate life is after a long, tumultous civil war (see previous post).

And thanks to Will's Mom, Will, and Allison for getting this authentic recipe to me and allowing me to blog about it!

(They were married in July overlooking the beach in California... and have beautiful postcard worthy photos!)

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Colin's Mom said...

It is such a small world! I just wanted to comment on your new profile picture and the picture of you in this post. You look AMAZING! You should be so proud of yourself - all your hard work and dedication has really paid off. Keep it up girl, you're doing so good!