Thursday, April 18, 2013

Apple Passion Mango Champagne Punch

This past weekend I had the most wonderful time co-hosting a baby shower with two of my best friends for our friend Kate. She is due with a baby girl in early June, so we planned a springy yellow and gray themed shower. We spent some time together brainstorming and found that each one of us could take the lead on one thing, but we all worked so well together to execute it.  

I was finally able to do the dessert bar I've been wanting to do for a shower, and it was a big hit! I'll be posting some of the recipes in the future, but most are on the blog already. What I am going to post is the amazing punch recipe we kind of just made up as we went along. I've made plenty of champagne punches, and my general mix is a bottle of champagne, a concentrate, club soda and ginger ale. The other two co-hosts and I went grocery shopping the night before the shower and decided to just see what the store had. We were intrigued by an Apple Passion Mango concentrate, so we went with it. This was far and away the best punch I've ever had, refreshing, sweet, and full of flavor! It was simple to make, and makes a ton! 

Apple Passion Mango Champagne Punch
a Veggie by Season original

2 cans of Old Orchard Apple Passion Mango concentrate 
3 bottles of extra dry champagne (cheap stuff!)
1 2 liter of ginger ale
1 2 liter of club soda
1-2 packages of frozen mango chunks (may want to start with one, refresh with another later on)

Chill all liquid ingredients, mix together in a large punch bowl.
Float frozen mango chunks on top, serve over ice.


Joanne said...

I'm cohosting a bridal shower soon and I'm definitely going to suggest this as a drink to my fellow hosts!! Sounds super tasty.

Heather Brooks said...

Are those little cones full of popcorn? That is so cute. I am cohosting a baby shower this Fall and would love to get a list of what was on your dessert bar (you don't have to include recipes), but just an idea of what combos you put together would be super helpful. Thanks!